Just Dump



Here’s why JustDump is your new favorite app

  • Instant Dump, Zero Hassle
    Ever had an idea so good it couldn’t wait? But then, the thought of sorting it into the right folder killed the vibe? With JustDump, just open the app and let your thoughts flow. Organize them later, or don’t. Your ideas, your rules.
  • Offline Access, Uninterrupted Flow
    The internet’s down, or you’re off the grid, but your ideas aren’t on pause. JustDump’s offline functionality means your note-taking never skips a beat. Capture everything from spur-of-the-moment thoughts to detailed project plans, anytime, anywhere.
  • Seamless Sharing Across Devices
    Found yourself switching between your phone, tablet, and laptop, wishing your notes could follow without a hitch? JustDump makes it happen. Your notes sync across devices, ensuring you're always just a tap away from your latest brainwaves, regardless of where you captured them.
  • Never Lose a Note Again
    Forget digging through layers of folders and tags. With JustDump’s intuitive timeline, your notes are exactly where you left them, chronologically. It’s like scrolling through a diary—each entry a step back in time, making it impossible to forget where you’ve put your thoughts.

Story Time!

So, I ended up creating JustDump because I was on the lookout for a note-taking app that was just plain simple and worked offline.

My journey through notetaking apps is a long one—I made it through five years of university with OneNote, filling up enough pages to rival a stack of $100 textbooks. These days, I’m using Notion to keep all my projects, including JustDump, in some semblance of order.

But here’s the thing with apps like OneNote and Notion—they’re great, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t exactly hit the mark when you’re after something that can replace the quick scribble on a piece of paper. You know, those notes that are more about capturing a fleeting thought than anything else.

That’s the gap I wanted JustDump to fill.

With JustDump, it’s all about jotting things down now and worrying about sorting them out later—if at all.

The idea was to take the pressure off having to organize everything from the get-go, which, let’s be honest, can really stifle the urge to write anything down in the first place.

We tend to remember things in a sequence of events, and that’s how finding notes in JustDump works—like rewinding your recent memories, not digging through folders.

So, if you’re tired of note-taking apps that feel too much like a chore, maybe give JustDump a shot. It’s about making note-taking feel as natural as possible, without any of the usual fuss.

Who knows? It might just change the way you think about keeping track of your thoughts.